Leviathan Song

Irruvian State Orphanage
Lost Boys Found, Strong boxes Breached.

Score Type: Robbery (& Kidnap)
Target: Red Sashes’ War Treasury
Location: Irruvian State Orphanage

Payoff: 6 Coin, 4 Rep

Dashing Gentleman Steals Cash from Children!
In an inapprehensible act of villainy a scoundrel described as “looking every part the modern noble” threatened the Irruvian State Orphanage’s Matron with his pistol, a brutish and monstrous thing, easily twice the size of the poor woman’s head, while his cohorts escaped with the contents of their safe.
The orphanage that prided itself of getting irruvian children off the streets and out of gangs, with the help of the Laudius School of Swordplay & Dueling, will be closing, the Laudius School is helping relocate the children. Mylera Klev, the schools resident master said, “We are working with the authorities, together we hope that these criminals may be brought to justice.”

Excerpt from the Doskvol Chronicle

Rumors abound that a child from the orphanage is missing, but the Orphanage denies all claims.

Ongoing & Projects:

  • A Gilt Stone (4 Clock) – Twitch tries to uncover the meaning behind the stone
  • Paydata (8 Clock) – Constance tries to find blackmail material on the infidelity of Irruvian Nobility
  • Recovery (8 Clock) – Dismas tries not to die.
Nobody Was There When It Happend
No body was there.

Is this how the greats fell? Was I great? Will I be remembered? Who will remember me?

The body is falling into the canal. It’s hands splayed out, a pistol falling from one, the other hungrily searching for the railing.

At least I hadn’t paid rent yet.

The water is cold and getting colder. The sky dark and shimmering through the water. It is dusk as always. A good time for a killing.

I would have done it the same way.

A knife in the back of the neck. An elbow over a railing.

Quick and efficient.

And then night falls again.

Something bumps the gondola, the inquisitive gondolier browses over the side at another body in the Duskvol canals.


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