Crow's Foot

Nestled between the docks and Charhollow, a hop, skip and a jump away from Ironhook prison, Crow’s Foot is not the most opulent of neighborhoods in Doskvol.

The Crows ran this part of town, they weren’t the best but they weren’t the worst, they kept the Lampblacks and Red Sashes away from each other’s throats so that there wasn’t war in the streets and the working folk could get on with their lives without being stabbed, shot or electroplasmically incinerated.

That was until Roric was murdered. The Killer unknown.

Now the streets of Crow’s Foot are wreathed in a pall of anxious silence. Will Lyssa’s leadership of the Crows bring back a peace between the rival gangs, or will these twelve blocks north of Charterhall become bathed in blood?

Notable Locals:

  • The Leaky Bucket
  • Singer’s Bath House
  • The Grand Imperial Majestic (Crew Lair)

Crow's Foot

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