Leviathan Song

Nobody Was There When It Happend

No body was there.

Is this how the greats fell? Was I great? Will I be remembered? Who will remember me?

The body is falling into the canal. It’s hands splayed out, a pistol falling from one, the other hungrily searching for the railing.

At least I hadn’t paid rent yet.

The water is cold and getting colder. The sky dark and shimmering through the water. It is dusk as always. A good time for a killing.

I would have done it the same way.

A knife in the back of the neck. An elbow over a railing.

Quick and efficient.

And then night falls again.

Something bumps the gondola, the inquisitive gondolier browses over the side at another body in the Duskvol canals.


Sonnet Sonnet

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